Helping Seniors
Get the Benefits They Deserve

Medicare Benefits Assistance

Medicare Benefits AdvisorsOur group of independent licensed insurance professionals in AZ, CA, CO, DE, HI, IL, NC, NJ, PA & TX will work for you to find the Medicare benefits you deserve. Information is the best way to educate yourself on the programs and plans available in your area. Let us help you provide accurate information on a wide range of topics that are important to everybody today.

We at Integrity Senior Benefits, LLC, provide comprehensive services, education and information to help our Medicare eligible community better understand the Benefits that they deserve and need to make for a better life

The A, B, C’s of Medicare

ABC's of Medicare BenefitsA comprehensive conversation on the Benefits of Medicare, including eligibility, coverage, and your rights of Fair and Respectful Treatment. We specialize in providing help to those in the Medicare / Medicaid market and those in Low Income Subsidy. The help we provide includes making sure the beneficiaries fully understand their coverage and the options available to them.

Extra Help for Prescriptions ... Plus

Detailed information and assistance for people on Medicare that may be eligible for State and Federal Extra Help. We provide assistance and help individuals enroll in these valuable programs.

We have added to meet your needs, Ancillary products such as Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer, Heart and Stroke insurance plans.

We educate, counsel, and where requested, enroll beneficiaries in the plan that meets their needs and that they choose. All this is provided at no cost or fee.

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